martes, 17 de octubre de 2017

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Hello! I am Lucas and I am from Fitero (Navarra)

Today we had breakfast (milk with cocoa and toasts) and then we went to the forest with the teachers and all our friends.

In the trip, we saw plants (pines, oaks and chestnuts) and talked about animals (deers, wild-pigs, birds, wolves, squirrels, mice and bees). It was windy and rainy but we had a lot of fun.

Then we had lunch: lentils with vegetables and chicken. It was really good.

In the evening we did some activities: Geocaching and many traditional games (Rayuela, Cervato Bowling, Rana, Bow and arrow, and dodgeball). It was really entertaining.

Now, in the night, we are going to have dinner and then we are going to the forest.