martes, 17 de abril de 2018

Tuesday 17th April 2018 (School from Asturias and Almería)

Hi we are Ángela and Pablo:

Today we woke up at eight o`clock. 
then we had breakfast and after that Concha told us about the trip to the mountains.

The teachers told us about flora (pines, oaks, chestnuts...), fauna (wolves, wild-pigs, deers, squirrels...)

After that we came back to the school and had lunch (lentils with vegetables and roasted chicken).

Then we had some free time and then we had some workshops.

During the workshops, half of us played geocaching with Raúl, and the other half worked in the garden, planting some aromatic plants before preparing the flowerpots after watering them. We also played a game set in the year 2222!

After that, we had some free time to play, use our phones and had a shower.

Now we're going to have dinner and after that, we're having a night trip to the forest.

See you tomorrow!